Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Tool of the Year – Contender Number Seven – Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

Politicians seem to be dominating our inaugural Tool of the Year competition, but this time, we give UK politicians a break by adding the Argentinean president to our list of complete bell-ends.

So what has the lady done to irk us so much? Well, in case you didn’t know, Cristina FDK – I’m really not going to write her name in full every time I use it - has been continually harping on about British sovereignty over the Falklands Islands. She’s been so bad, that if she were in Europe, Brussels would have been asking her to tone it down a few decibels.

FDK has appealed to the UN and other Latin American countries to intervene in the row over sovereignty, stating that it is unbelievable that colonialism still exists in today’s world. She talks about colonialism like we conquered the Falklands and forced the islanders to be British.

Britain began colonising the islands in 1833 and its residents are known as British citizens. They have always expressed that they want to remain British and are happy being British, yet FDK wants to take the islands under Argentinean rule and force everyone who lives there to give up their British status.

Does that sound like a basis for a fair democracy on the islands? If you lived on the islands, would you be happy with being told to change your nationality? FDK seems to think that’s acceptable. She and her fellow country people are the only ones who do.

In 1982, Argentina tried and to force Britain to give up the islands. It took two months for the British to claim them back. Over 600 Argentinean soldiers lost their lives in the needless conflict and even FDK stated that they should not have sent the soldiers in the first place. Yet how does she mark the 30th anniversary? Not by commemorating them as a nation, but by attacking the British stance on the islands.

That’s a nice way to honour your fallen soldiers.

FDK is stirring up a volume of hate in Argentina. Her constant words of anger towards the British are going to soon wear thin and there will be two choices she can make; shut up or go to war over the islands again. There will be no other way out of this situation for her.

I can’t believe that anybody in Argentina or the UK will want another war on the South Pacific, yet I can’t see the Argentine public forgiving her if she stops her ranting about the islands now.

FDK is in a no-win situation and she needs to find a very diplomatic end to it. But it won’t happen and she’ll just carry on, trying to gain support in a very hopeless case.

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. With your constant words, you are stirring up emotions in your country that you cannot control. The anger and hatred is already starting to boil over and it is your fault. You are a tool of the highest order and a worthy contender for Tool of the Year.

May the force be with you

Jedi Master Bob

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