Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Cameron 'Desperately Sad' Over British Soldier Deaths? Well Pull them Out Then

In 2001, British soldiers joined America in fighting the Taliban in the attempt to find Osama Bin Laden under the banner of ‘War on Terror.’ Eleven years later, Bin Laden is dead and Afghanistan is no longer under Taliban rule.
In the years following the start of the war, Britain has had two General Elections and three different Prime Ministers. Since the start of the war, America have had two elections and two different Presidents and are building up to a third election which could result in a third president.

And yet the stance on Afghanistan remains the same from both countries.

Neither are considering pulling troops out from the country and are allowing service personnel to continue to die there. The reason they went there in the first place was to find Bin Laden. Now he’s dead and Al Qaeda are in tatters. So why are our troops still there, dying in a fight that is not theirs to fight?

The count now stands at 404 UK service personnel dead. 404 families affected by this war. I know that when people sign up for the Army, Navy and Air Force, they should expect to go into combat, but you would imagine that, when they are called into action, it is in a fight that directly affects British interests, like the World Wars or the Falklands.

And when British soldiers went to war between the years of 1914 and 1918, 1939 and 1945, they fought for the freedoms we have today. They fought for our rights and they fought for our country. They fought then so we can live now.

What are they fighting for today?

Our Prime Minister talks about this ‘Big Society’ that he wants. He talks big in Europe, when things aren’t suited to Britain. But when the talk of dead soldiers in Afghanistan comes about, he’s suddenly very quiet and the only thing he can say is that it’s a ‘desperately sad day for our country.’

Desperately sad. Now I’m not related to anyone who has been killed in Afghanistan, but I am appalled by his choice of words. Desperately sad, it isn’t.

It’s a fucking travesty.

It’s a travesty they are still there. It’s a travesty that their families have to live each day wondering if their son, daughter, father or mother is going to come back alive. They have to live, wondering if they’re the next to get a letter, phone call or visit from the MOD. No-one should have to live like that.

Oh but of course, the soldiers over there can’t leave until the job’s done. They can’t leave until they have achieved their aims and objectives. Well that aim and objective was met the second Bin Laden’s hate filled body was riddled with bullets and his body dumped in the sea.

In my book, that makes the objective complete. So I’ll say it again until the message ifs finally heard.


To the families of those soldiers who have died, my thoughts are with you and to those still there, come back safe and come back soon.

Jedi Master Bob

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